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President and Owner

Her unparalleled success in radio and television sales led Eileen to start her own agency at the constant request of her clients, who were experiencing rapid growth because of her expertise. Her nearly 30 years of managing highly successful, multi-media advertising campaigns includes media buying, production, promotions, copy, theme conception, implementation and management. Eileen understands what works for target consumers and crafts campaigns that efficiently reach those audiences. As a highly experienced and respected buyer she also consistently procures the most equitable rates for clients, and with valor has launched new and unique campaigns that have revolutionized industries.

Production Manager, Account Executive, Digital Marketing Manager

As the Gray Matter Media Production Manager and Account Executive, Adam is an asset in the various departments he oversees . He manages the constant workflow of a very busy production department. He is a trusted and respected multi-media buyer, maintaining strong, positive relationships with various media representatives. He is a digital marketing planner, staying up to date with the ever-changing digital advertising landscape--conceptualizing and integrating strategies that not only engage but also grow audiences. And he is a video producer and director, that can expertly guide any video production from inception to completion.

Creative Director, Multi-Media Editor, Social Media Manager

Stacy joined Gray Matter Media at the beginning, with the company's inception in 2001. She has more than twenty years of creative marketing experience in nearly all media platforms including video, radio, social, print, email, digital, and mobile marketing.  Stacy has a niche for storytelling and writing creative marketing campaigns. She also has the unique ability to bring those ideas to life either on paper or on screen. Her artistic and inventive, multi-media ideas are what set our clients’ campaigns apart from the competition. They're unique, cohesive, impactful, and they get results!