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As a full-service advertising agency, Gray Matter Media is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing and advertising needs. Like many agencies, we offer complete and integrated services across all media platforms. But only Gray Matter Media provides “smart advertising”—a combination of equity and originality. Our unrivaled creativity in planning, production, and execution sets our clients apart from the competition, building lasting, top-of-mind awareness in their target markets. We raise the creative bar in every industry we work in—and our strategic buying and numerous value-added services make it affordable for clients to do so.

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Media Buying: Gray Matter Media acquires media space for clients in various platforms: print, television, radio, and digital. Our media buyers manage the initial purchase and optimize the performance of these ads throughout the whole campaign lifecycle. Gray Matter Media President, Eileen Knight skillfully negotiates significant amounts of airtime in desirable timeslots on the best distribution channels, for maximum exposure and campaign success.

Video: While vision is our most dominant sense, increased screen time and visual bombardment has dulled our senses. TV commercials and video ads sometimes pass us by without notice—unless, of course, you have a unique message with stand-out production from Gray Matter Media! From pre-planning, to on-site filming, and post-production editing, our team is dedicated to making sure every single second of your video is attention-grabbing, professional, and creatively unmatched by the competition. Our goal is not only for customers to see your TV ad, but to remember it!

Radio: Radio advertising gives you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a targeted group of consumers. But it must be done right to be effective. With strategies such as on location promotions, Gray Matter Media uses radio campaigns to connect the client with the community.  We also cross promote our radio campaigns with print, television and digital advertising, stretching your dollar further. Knowing how, when, and where to use radio is an art and science the Gray Matter Media team has perfected.

Print: Gray Matter Media services clients at all levels of print advertising.  Regardless of your marketing needs or your budget, your business will benefit from the same creative talent enjoyed by many top corporations.  Our skilled graphic artists have created signage, direct mail campaigns, instruction manuals, newspaper/magazine ads, brochures, and product packaging, to name a few.  Each is given a unique and professional look that you’ll be proud to have represent your company.

Banner Advertising: It’s one of the oldest forms of online advertising, but still one of the most effective when used correctly. Creative and strategic banner ads produced and placed by Gray Matter Media drive targeted visitors directly to your website. This provides faster brand building, effective targeting, and real time conversion measuring.


Search Engine Marketing: The internet can be a clustered place, which is why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very important. Today website traffic is not enough. You need quality traffic from precise, “smart” targeting.  Let Gray Matter Media help promote your website by increasing your visibility through paid search, contextual advertising, and organic placement.


Social Media Marketing: In today’s digital age, every business should have at least one social media account to increase visibility and brand awareness. Gray Matter Media can help you navigate this very competitive and vital medium by developing and implementing effective posts that not only build a following, but also lead to customer conversions.


Website Design: Gray Matter Media doesn't just design web pages… We create fully-functional, dynamic, and mobile responsive content management systems, complete with user training sessions so that YOU can manage it yourself, without having to pay us for every little future update. Your website is the digital face of your company; the better it looks, the more functionality it has, the more successful your business will be.

Mobile & SMS Marketing: Smart Advertising these days absolutely must target the smartphone, and not just via a mobile website. Because most people nowadays are detachable from their phones, MMS/SMS/text marketing is a powerful way to directly contact customers in less time. Gray Matter Media also utilizes QR codes, push notifications, text coupons, contests, location-based services, and mobile apps to get the most results.


Content Writing: Gray Matter Media has creative in-house writers to pen the script of your next memorable commercial with foresight, vision, and expertise. We can also interview, research, and write compelling and engaging blog posts, press releases, newsletters and email campaigns.