How Organic Posts Help Paid Ads

Organic Proof: Before paying for ads, it can be helpful to look at analytics regarding your social media page activity. This will give you qualitative and quantitative data to base campaigns off of. Who is really looking to you? What are they really liking? This data helps prepare the most effective ads and delineate the best audiences. (Social audiences can vary from platform to platform, even for the same product.)

Re-Targeting: If someone has already shown interest in a social post, rather than just promote that post to those who may not have seen it yet (to expand audience reach), you can also re-target to those who have engaged with you. For instance, if a user engaged with a blog post, perhaps re-target them with paid ads offering a linked catalog.

Validation: Perhaps the most important role that organic social plays is communicating your brand’s lifestyle and values to consumers and potential consumers. If a potential sees your ad and decides to check out your social page for validation, what will they find? Nowadays, it’s common for consumers to check out a brand’s social channels before becoming a customer.

Content Boosting: If you’ve already got a great organic post going, why not use paid advertising to amplify it and improve those results even more? Facebook’s Boost feature is a great way to get more traction out of already great posts. Best of all, you can set a super detailed target audience to ensure you only reach exactly who you want. Essentially you use paid ads to build an audience for your content and “boost post” to reach more people interested in your content.