Consistent Publishing on Multiple Platforms

As your social media marketers, we’ll publish your content on a consistent and regular basis during the times when the majority of your audience is online for increased visibility.

Each of the posts we craft will be sent to you for approval prior to posting and will not be posted without this approval.

We can provide you or a designated employee with editor access to our social media management system to see the social calendar/schedule and for collaboration and additional input.*

Social media channels look for and favor consistency. This means that they prefer accounts that post regularly. When you post consistently, the social algorithms will favor your posts and more people will see them! Letting too much time lapse between posts can decrease visibility with your audience.

* You can still also publish your own posts via your page as you have always done, in addition to the Gray Matter Media posts.


Creative Content 

“Good social content is a craft, a science.”

As your social media marketers, we’ll provide unique, scroll-stopping, valuable content for four of your social media platforms to increase visibility and engagement. In order to enhance SEO efforts, we’ll include the following in our content:

  • Trending and popular keywords
  • Links to your site and other landing pages
  • Hashtags and @s for indexing
  • Noticeable Call-to-Actions
  • Engagement Starters (contests, polls, etc.)
  • Unique, professionally written posts
  • Different kinds of posts (this is important!!)
  • Social shares from pages with bigger audiences
  • Striking Visuals* (graphics, photos, etc.)

* Videos and blog posts may require additional production charges depending on length and complexity. Costs associated with running ads is separate.


Industry and Audience Research

Know the who, what, when, where, and why BEFORE you start a social campaign! As your social media marketers, we’ll do the leg work for you to ensure you have the biggest reach.

  • Gray Matter Media will research your social audience: who they are, what platforms they are on, what time of day they are on, what they want, what they find valuable, and how they interact, engage, and follow up.
  • Gray Matter Media will research your competitors and your industry: what they are doing socially, who their followers are, what is trending now, and what people are talking about on social platforms.
  • Gray Matter Media will also research the most popular keywords currently being used in your industry.


Regular Insight and Analytics

As your social media marketers, we’ll provide you with in-depth and detailed regular reports (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) whereby we can measure the activity of your social pages and adapt as needed.

With over 250 reporting modules, you get best-in-class social media analytics (including Google analytics).

All reports are emailed in PDF format to an email address that you provide.

We will also proactively monitor conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to keep you in the know to keep an eye on your brand, industry, and competitors.

Our Google Analytics report enables you to track the effect your social media campaigns have on visits, page views and content popularity. Discover which social channels and locations are driving the most traffic so you can focus your efforts on what works.